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Clash of Clans Bot Download v6.2 [New Features, TONS of Fixes & Improvements] | CoC Bot Download

ClashBot | The Best Free Clash of Clans Bot (COC Bot)

AutoIt Global ClashBot Release: 6.2
Premium Features:
Wall upgrading
Buildings upgrading
King auto activating ability
Queen auto activating ability
Change deploy speeds of the troops
Change wave speeds of the troops
TownHall sniping
Boosting barracks / spell factory / king / queen / dark barracks
Smart lighting spell for dark storage
Set cast lighting spell for dark storage
Attack near red lines
Pushbullet system with all its features!

Release 6.2 Contains:
(VIP) Added King automatic ability activation!
(VIP) Added Queen automatic ability activation!
(VIP) Added new functions to PushBullets!
(VIP) Added option to not collect resources.
Added ability to set default configuration
Added automatic heroes activation after 90 seconds!
Added blacklist system for donation!
Added ScreenCapture folder
Added Stats "Resource Gained per hour" & "Out of Sync"
Added smart donation mode.
Added keep messages system
Added option to set waiting time beween each base when searching
(VIP) Improved push bullets
(VIP) Improved building upgrade, it is now checking min gold and min elxir before proceed upgrade
Improved search speed.
Improved checking townhall level.
Improved the way our program is organized.
Improved getting resources.
Improved donation.
Improved custom training.
Improved army camp checking.
Improved return home delay, it is now checking dark exlir change too
Improved raid capacity, able to set from 10% to 100%. Great news for those who looking for TH snipe only.
(VIP) Fixed All Barrack(max level) boosting
(VIP) Fixed red line deployement.
Fixed characters "C", "G", "L" when donating.
Fixed Dark Troops training.
Fixed issues with "Out Of Sync" error!
Fixed bug "Can't detect TH4-6"
Fixed missing wizard depoloyments.
Fixed missing banner when minimizing.
Fixed last raid loot & total raid loot not show when Take Last Raid Loot Snapshot uncheck
Fixed return home bug
Fixed Minion attack

19 Internal Bugs Fixed
3 Internal Crash Issues Fixed
4 Improvements for low-end PC's
Please note with 6.2:
How to login
Your LOGS and SCREENSHOTS are now inside of Profile folder!
There is now an automatic system to activate hero abilities.
If the heroes health does not reach below 50% after 90 seconds, it will activate their skills regardless!
Rework attack algorithms system, King will now drop to Battlefield earlier and Queen will be the last to drop.

The exe is included in this release, all you have to do is click and start botting!

Trophy range means: If trophies are above y then drop to x

You must register to see the release.

Preview Themes

How to use PushBullet
1. Go to register an account.
2. Download Pushbullet in your mobile and login your account.
3. Go to and copy your access token enter in GUI
4. When you run the bot you should be able to receive notifications in your mobile.
The C# Bot is on it's way.

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How to use CoC Bot

Clash of Clans Bot Download v6.2 ---> Download

Install BlueStacks (Latest Version)
Click here to download

Install AutoIt Full Installation v3.3.12.0
Click here to download

Download and Uncompress the ZIP or RAR provided by the Administrator or Developer of
Right click on the "CoC Bot.au3" file
Click "Compile Script" (x86)
Run the new "Coc Bot.exe" as an Administrator
It will automatically open bluestacks
If it is your first time running, it will resize your BlueStacks Window. Once resized please restart your computer.
Customize your settings and begin botting :)

Credits to clashbot (Y)

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

How to verify your Facebook page or profile ? Official way to become verified

Facebook recently introduce new feature to show that a page or profile is verified or not. As a normal Facebook user we all create account or page with our name and it is also possible to create multiple account on same name. Their are number of same name pages or account for any celebrity, public figure or for any business. So Facebook take serious step to make clear that which one is official and all the rest of others are not. This verification show that the page or profile your are visiting official represent someone or maybe a property of anybody.

What is verified Profile or Page ?

According to this new option some pages and Profiles are  claim as Official and verified by Facebook. You may observe on many profiles and pages their is Blue Color Tick Badge just in the next of name.  
facebook verified badge

Facebook only four type of pages or profiles which are
  • Celebrities
  • Journalists
  • Government Officials
  • Popular Brand or Businesses
These are four categories whose pages and profiles are claimed by Facebook based on their popular. Suppose if you have any local business which is popular then Facebook may claimed your page if you are official representative. Then their is no need to submit any type of request to Facebook. They automatically claim your page as verified depend on some details and minimum requirements mention by Facebook.

How To Get Verified ?

If your profile or any Page whose your are official representative and also based on above mention categories then their are chances of your page to get verified. Actually Facebook does not have any request form to claim verified this is totally automatic process done from Facebook side. So to become verified in future you should have to do some changes in your Profile or Page
  • Your page should be official represent your local business or any personality and may be have some popularity on Facebook.
For Facebook claiming process your page or profile must have minimum details because if you add full details accurately then Facebook automatically check your provided information if they find your page or profile details accurate and helpful then verify your page here are two parts mention by Facebook to become verified
  • Link To Your Profile or Page From Official Website and also link website on your page or profile.
  • Provide accurate information in details about your business in About Section of Page or Profile
In About section must add significant long and short description, keyword who represent your business, Email, Website, Products and verified page location with claimed business address and other details in Page Info tab. Just for example as shown below.
For more details visit help center here for Profile or Page About info.
These are some tips which help you to get verified if your profile or page is official. Facebook don't guaranteed  about all pages to get verified because its totally depend on Popularity and accuracy. So add all information and wait until page processed your profile or page to make you verify. According to me it takes almost 40-50 days after adding info to get verify if Facebook approved your account or page.

I hope you learn something new in this article to make your business or powerful and trusted on Facebook also. If you have any question feel free to share your comment.

Saturday, 24 May 2014

Copyright Protect Your Facebook Photos

To get verified your Facebook profile / page see this article - Click here

It feels really bad when someone steals your photos and claim that they own that pictures. It is really annoying and we just sit helpless and can do nothing. The only thing we can do is to message or to shout at that thief. But don’t worry. After reading this post you can limit this problem to some extent. Yes, you heard it right! You can copyright all your Facebook photos very easily. You just have to follow this tutorial and copyright all your original pictures. If you are a photographer then it will work best for you to keep your original contents and your audience will know you as a professional. Read on and add a copyright symbol to Facebook pictures.

Have you heard about DMCA? It is a copyright act which governs the original content on the internet. Any type of media, text or software can be registered here for copyright. It stands for Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Digital Millennium Copyright Act US Title 17 Chapter 512 (c) (3) protects the original content on the web. By using this service, you can easily copyright your photos.

Does it Works?

Now you may wonder does it works? My answer will be no. And yes too. Because using this free service it can limit theft till some extent. When you do this all your images will be turned in to a watermark image. So the person who is trying to steal your pictures will not take it just because of that watermark. And believe me, no one likes to waste time on editing. So using this free service you can protect your images till some extent but if you use DMCA’s premium service then they will protect your content for sure. No one can copy your work and if someone does, you can file a complaint in DMCA and they will remove it as soon as possible. Check out and add watermarks of your name on your original pictures.

Steps to Copyright Your Facebook Photos.

  • First of all upload all your original pictures to one album. This works with albums, not on single photos.
  • You must upload original pictures that is clicked by you or created by you.
  • After that visit DMCA website here.
  • Create an account and log in.
  • After that click on “Get Facebook Albums”. Make sure you are logged in to Facebook also.

  • After that give permission to DMCA app and get the photos.
  • Select which album you want to copyright, Add the text which you want to display on watermark and click on “Watermark this Album”.

  • You have to wait sometime depending upon the number of photos in your album.
  • After successful processing, you may get a new link to you album. Check out and see whether all images has watermark or not.
Simple! Now no one can dare to copy your photos after watching the DMCA watermark with your name. Give it a try and protect all your images. You can protect your websites, software or other media types too. You can see a DMCA badge below this page. That means this whole content is also protected by DMCA act! All your content should be original to use this. That’s why I was stressing on “original” word most. Try this and share your views below in comment section. Have a nice time.

Keep protecting!

Share with your buddies too.

To get verified your Facebook profile / page see this article - Click here

Hide “Seen” Notification of Facebook in Chrome and firefox

Facebook changed many things in their website. Many new features were added to make users happy. Sometimes we just love the updates made by Facebook and sometimes we hate such updates. Recently Facebook made a change in its messenger. A “seen” notification was added in the conversation. This feature helps people to know whether the receiver had read the message or not. But this feature is not helpful in certain situations. If you want to see the message and also don’t want to notify the sender, than here this is impossible. If you saw a message and didn’t respond then sender will definitely gets angry on you. So to avoid this problem, you can do a simple trick and can remove that notification. I will show you how you can remove “seen” feature of Facebook messages to peep in to your inbox without notifying the sender.

Facebook doesn’t allow us to do this. So we have to do this manually. If you use Chrome or Firefox browsers then it is possible. You just have to install a simple add-on or extension which can remove “seen” feature. This extension has some demerits as well. We will discuss it later. I will show you how you can hide seen feature on Facebook.

Hide “seen” notification of Facebook in Chrome.

Disable facebook Seen Feature from messenger chrome extension
  • Open your Chrome browser.
  • Download “Facebook Message Seen Notification Remover” extension by clicking here.
  • Install the extension.

  • Now restart chrome browser and login to your Facebook to see changes.
  • Ask your close friend whether they can see “seen” notification or not.
This is the trick for the chrome users. Many use Firefox browsers too. In Firefox I got similar add-on to do this change. It is awesome and worked perfectly on my Firefox which is up to date. So let’s see how you can remove “seen” notification of Facebook in Firefox.

To get verified your Facebook profile / page see this article - Click here

Hide “seen” notification of Facebook in Firefox.

  • Open your Firefox browser.
  • Download “Facebook Message Seen Notification Remover” add-on for Firefox by clicking here.

  • Install add-on.
  • After installation, restart and login to your Facebook to see the changes.

It is simple and easy to use. It’s best if you want to hide your seen status. It works perfectly well. But as I said, these extensions have some problems. The major problem is that when you read messages, the messages always shows as unread. This is because Facebook assumes you didn’t see that message so they don’t give notification to the sender as well. Also this won't work if you access your account from mobile or mobile apps. If you do not have problem with this then go on and give it a try. It won’t harm you by any means. You can uninstall it anytime safely.

Discuss if this extensions are working for you or not. If you have any other trick, you can share it with all by commenting below.

If you face any problem while installing these add-ons, please comment below. I will surely help you.

To get verified your Facebook profile / page see this article - Click here

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

New facebook auto commenter with random comments

To get verified your Facebook profile / page see this article - Click here

Go to Website fancycommenter

Features:1.) Comments On Unlimited Status Without Any Time delay.
2.) Only Access Token Needed.
3.) This Works On Exchange Comments Rule..
4.) 100% Free Of Scam And Spam.
5.) Will Not Post Anything From Your Account To Any Wall.
6.) Responsive Template For Every Platform.
7.) Quick To Load And Easy To Use.
 8.) Simple And Stylish Template.
9.) You Will Get Different Comments Not Same.
10.) Your Access Token Will Be Secure.

Full Step By Step Tutorial:

1. First Of All allow followers to your profile and edit setting To Public Then Write A Status Or Upload A Pic And Make There Setting Visible To Public As Shown Below.

2. Then open the website fancycommenter that is show in the below pic

3. Now Click On The (Click Here) Link To Allow The Skype Official Apps. After Allowing This Apps, This Link Will Leads You To Move On New Page And Get Your Access Token From There.

4. Now Copy Your Access Token Code Only And Go Back To auto commenter Main Page And Enter Your Token To That Input Field And Click "Submit Your Access Token" To Proceed Forward.

5. After Proceeding, You Will Experienced The Follow Page There.

6. Now Get Your Desired Post/Status/Video/Photo ID Codes.
7.  Copy And Paste Your Desired ID Code In The Upper Input Box And Click The Button "Start Auto Commenter" And Wait.
8. Now You Have To Wait About A Min Or Above And You Will See A Loading Icon. Please Wait.

9. Now After One Min You Will Experienced A "Success"
10. Check Out Your Comments Count, Don't Worry If You Have Low Because It Will Remain Increasing About 15-30 Min. Check Again Later Or Try Later.
11. Now If You Want Comments On Other ID, Just Add Your Other Status ID Code And You Have Full Rights To Get Comments Again Without Any Time Delay. Don't Forget To Share This.
12. Increase Your Comments And Enjoy.

To get verified your Facebook profile / page see this article - Click here

Monday, 19 May 2014

Facebook For Free Without Internet

To get verified your Facebook profile / page see this article - Click here

a revolution in social networking sites. now-a-days everyone use 
facebook. it not possible for all of them to leave there work and sit 
before computer.So many of them are accessing facebook through their 
mobiles. And another problem arises here not all people will have smart phones and internet connection for there mobile.

For this we found a trick to access facebook from any mobile without internet for free.

Facebook for free without internet for any mobile :

  1. from any kind of phone [need not be specifically a smart phone] dial *325#
  2. As soon as you call for the above number there will be a new screen alert ENTER FACEBOOK USERNAME
  3. then enter your facebook
  4. Now its shows the following options in your mobile

1. Message
2. News Feed
3. Update Status
4. Post On Wall
5.Friend Request

To get verified your Facebook profile / page see this article - Click here

click the answer button and enter your choice.
You can update your status as many times as you want its free but if you
 want to use other options unlimted times it costs Rs1/day

Tips: If you want to add your friend on facebook then dail *325* mobile number #

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